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This is not an average gym.  

At MIND-SET we believe in building true fitness and mental grit. 

Our foundation is built on a belief in educating ourselves across the full spectrum of fitness and applying this knowledge in creating a centre of Excellence for our community of athletes.  

We offer One on One personal and group based training, where our methods & results are undeniable. They will transform your life not only in the gym but outside of it as well.


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A 1 Month designed program

available 5 days a week - Monday to Friday mornings and evenings with a bonus optional 

Saturday that is scalable for the needs of all, from beginners to former athletes. 


This series of group based classes focus on learning core foundational movement patterns in conjunction with 1-1 coaching for newer athletes as well as scaled options for the more advanced.




*Class begins the first Monday of every month. 


A monthly program methodically designed to develop strength, power, speed, coordination, agility and endurance. All while tackling the bodies strongest “muscle”, your mind.  

 There is no quick fix or magic pill,  just hard work. 

Change the way you think and change your life.

Athletes must have previous strength and conditioning experience and come in for assessment before you can sign up for this class.

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Free Trial Class



1-1 personal training  designed to your specific goals,

tailored to your schedule and busy lifestyle.

We evaluate your personal history and specific objectives to customize your roadmap to success.  

Open and honest communication will provide the right environment for you and your coach to build the relationship required on this journey. 

Contact us for a consultation

on your fitness goals




We offer a 15% off discount for first responders, same household, students, and corporate groups. 

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Ryan Harman is an owner and Head Coach at MIND-SET.  He has been in the fitness industry for 20 years. 


Ryan brings with him a strong passion in creating life-changing success for his clients by helping them overcome self doubt or perceived limitations to achieve their full potential both mentally as well as physically.  

His philosophy for fitness has never been defined by a singular style but a method that is unique to achieve lasting, long term results.  


Ryan is motivated to stay on top of his own personal fitness knowledge and has completed the following certifications and seminars,  Gym Jones instructor, CrossFit Level 1, Kettlebells, Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting and Nutrition - Kabuki Movements and Certified Physical Preparation Specialist Level 1 Certification (CPPS) with Joe Defranco.

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Ian Duncan is a co-owner and coach at MIND-SET.  Ian comes to MIND-SET with CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Scaling, Judging certifications along with being a personal trainer.

Ian focuses on functional movements, which are movements that will support the everyday life.  Can you stand up from sitting in a chair?  That means you can do a squat.

We all lead busy lives and finding time to get to a gym can be difficult.  Finding the time gets even harder if you don't enjoy it.  With this in mind Ian can help develop measurable and achievable goals and a plan for how to hit those goals.  Within this plan will be ways to keep workouts varied, challenging and most of all fun.  The only thing that Ian asks is that each day you show up with an attitude to give the workout your very best effort.

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Chris Almeida she comes with CrossFit Level 1, Kettlebell certification, attended Gym Jones training in Salt Lake City and has years of experience being a personal training.

We are excited to announce that Chris will be hosting new Kettlebell classes and seminars that will for sure challenge the most elite athlete and give a new comer a great workout.  

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CrossFit WE


"The key to success is keeping company with people whom uplift you. Whose presence calls forth your best. To surround yourself with those that see the greatness within you. Know that the company you keep is a reflection of how you see yourself. Surround yourself with greatness and inspiration, with others that can only build you up, inspire you & help you grow. These are just a few of the lessons I've learned from Ryan. He's changed how I view fitness, self worth, food & my own capabilities. He constantly pushes me to be my best and pushes everyone I know around me to their best. Because of him, I am confident in myself. I am strong. I push myself daily. And I am only getting better. Ryan always ensures we have proper form, that we understand the "why" behind everything we're doing & whenever we have questions about the mechanics of the movements - he'll sit down, explain why we're doing this vs. that and how it's going benefit us in the long run. Ryan has so much passion in coaching & helping you to achieve your goals and I'm so glad I get to call him my coach" ---- Caileigh

"Ryan's program is incredibly thoughtful, tough and always dynamic! His workouts keep me strong and healthy, and they keep me coming (almost) everyday.  I am especially grateful for Ryan's attention to my back injury, and creating workouts for me to  slowly and carefully to get back on my feet and lifting again. Ryan has created a community of people who push each other, hold each other accountable, and support each other when we need it most. It's through Ryan's leadership and experience that we get better every week!" ---- Heather

"Ryan's training is well thought out and guided by years of experience and dedication. He is passionate about what he does and he has helped me to exceed my fitness goals. Ryan's classes are motivating, challenging and rewarding! I never thought at 45 years old I would be doing hand stand push ups but Ryan has helped me get there!" ---- Rachael

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